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FEATURE. Invincible-ish

In Development with Telefilm - Script available.

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An elaborate lie about having superpowers turns an unpopular middle-schooler into a social phenom, but also makes him the target of the most dangerous bully in school.


INVINCIBLE-ISH is a fast-paced, superhero-comedy in the family genre. The film toys with coming-of-age themes including popularity, bullying, self-worth, and ambition. 

The film’s hero concocts an elaborate lie that leads the entire school into believing he has superpowers. However, instead of granting him the happiness he seeks, it entangles him in a web of deceit that tears apart his only true friendships. 

This film subverts the idea found in mainstream superhero movies that people need to wait for someone stronger than themselves to be rescued. Instead, it encourages young people to save themselves. This film demonstrates to everyone that no matter how small, each of us possesses what is needed to deserve happiness.

This film promotes the idea that happiness is not earned by others loving you, but by  loving yourself. 

Packaged with a hint of nostalgia that harkens back to classics like Ferris Bueller and Breakfast Club, INVINCIBLE-ISH is a film that aims to be a cult favourite for the next generation. 

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